How using Design Thinking will fix Design Thinking

Humans need to find a product delightful in order to develop a desire to purchase and to own it (either temporarily or permanently). Products that don’t generate value for humans will not generate revenue for the business.And yes, products need to function too, even more so in an expanding on-demand economy that requires products to perform perfectly to be successful.

Putting the human in the center of the product rationale is essential unless you are creating products for robots or rabbits. Great products solve human problems.

Design Thinking continues to be a hot topic (this article is one of many talking about it). Design Thinking has been hyped and even fetishized but there are also voices questioning its value, impact, and relevance. Design Thinking faces criticism for its lacking integration with business and compatibility with market reality. There are organizations that […]

Una de las cosas que más llama mi atención es la simplicidad con la que un tema tan complejo se resume en ejecuciones simples, y justamente creo que ahí está la magia detrás de escena.
El tema: estás aplicando lo que lees?
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How to Build Products Users Love (Kevin Hale)

☝ First impressions are important for the start of any relationship because it’s the one we tell over and over again, right?

  • “Two metaphors: acquiring new users as if we are trying to date them, and existing users as if they are a successful marriage”
  • “How do relationships work in the real world and how can we apply them to the way we run our business and build our product that way?”
  • “My argument for people who are very good at product is that they discover so many other moments and make them memorable : the first email you ever get , what happens when you got your first login , the links, the advertisements, the very first time you interacted with customer support.”
  • “All you have to do is make everyone do customer support .”
  • “Figure out how to have a story that people want to tell about your product where they are the most interesting one at the dinner table.” ☝


KPCB: Diseño como parte de negocio

Tremendo estudio que comparte @amartino en Uberbin sobre el impacto del diseño en los negocios. fuente KPCB

Source: KPCB: Diseño como parte de negocio – Uberbin

John Maeda, socio de la firma de capital de riesgo KPCB – publicó recientemente el segundo informe de su #DesignInTech.
Su tesis central es que nos dirigimos hacia un mundo donde la tecnología, los negocios y el diseño se integran estrechamente – en la escuela, en los negocios, y así sucesivamente. A lo largo del informe se examina el impacto cada vez mayor de que el diseño y los diseñadores están teniendo dentro del ecosistema de startups.

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-04 a las 9.00.42 p.m.

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-04 a las 9.00.52 p.m. Captura de pantalla 2016-08-04 a las 9.01.08 p.m.

Source: KPCB: Diseño como parte de negocio

Como opinión personal, me alegra mucho colaborar en este cambio de paradigma.

‘La experiencia importa mucho porque usamos productos digitales un montón’